About me

Web & Graphic, UI, UX, Front-end designer

I’ve been a web and graphic designer since 1999 and I love what I do.

I focus on beautiful, responsive, cross-browser friendly code and device-agnostic web design.

Originally from Oslo, Norway, I now live in London, UK.

Who I am

Anwar Choukah portrait picture

I’m an experienced front-end web and graphic designer and typography nerd. I love the web and enjoy trying to make it better, more accessible, and more legible.

I am fluent in English, Norwegian, and French, fair to middling in Arabic.

I’ve had the opportunity to work for clients like The Sun, The Sunday Times, UTV, Google, Hit Creative, Forient, and Tool Shed.

What else do I love?

Gigs, music, watching good TV shows, reading books (mainly sci-fi and non-fiction), cooking, spending time with my family.

What I bring

  • HTML5 semantic markup, CSS, Sketch and Creative Suite expertise
  • UX and UI design, logo design, branding and identity
  • GIT, Gulp, WordPress, static site generators
  • 15+ years experience web design, in large and small teams and as a lone wolf
  • Up-to-date and eager to stay abreast of modern web developments

UI Development

I love taking designs (often my own) and convert them into live websites, whether they need a CMS like WordPress or Kirby. This is where I find that UI micro-interactions and animations make a design come to life.

As a matter of course, accessibility, Search Engine Optimisation, and semantic markup are an integral part of how I work.

Check out some examples on CodePen.

UI/UX Design

I love pushing pixels around. Whether it is creating layouts, dashboards, logos, I’m all over it.







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